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  • The Branford Festival 30th Annual Logo

    The 2014 Branford Festival Logo

    In 2013, I was contacted by Branford Festival chairman Dennis Nardella. He inquired if I’d like to develop a new logo for the 2014 festival and mentioned that this year will be the grand event’s thirtieth anniversary. 
    Dennis and I are longtime friends who grew up and came of age in the town of Branford, Connecticut, so our collaboration on this project sounded like a great idea.
    For the design, I found the biggest challenge was that the festival encompasses such a broad variety of activities, cuisine, and performance. So, this made it difficult to decide on what aspects a new Branford Festival logo should represent. My thoughts eventually settled on a noble impression of the town hall building, with its stately Ionic columns and neoclassical architecture. This seemed appropriate, given that the town hall is the centerpiece of the town’s “heart”—the Branford Green. But also, the town hall serves as the soaring backdrop to the world-class evening performances that cap off each day of this renowned event. In addition, I wanted the design to capture the excitement and electricity that transforms the town hall stage and brings community and neighbors together under the stars on those unforgettable summer evenings. 

    -Bob Crelin, designer